Dental Photography Techniques | ULTIMATE GUIDE 2021 | Part 3

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This is the 3rd and arguably the most important video in our 3-part photography series. In this video, I (Zoh) take you through all the shots you could possibly need as a dental photographer. There are loads of little tips and tricks I talk about in this video so be sure to watch the whole thing!

3-part photography series
📸 Equipment ✔
⚙ Settings ✔
🦷 Technique ✔

⏲ Timestamps:
00:00 Intro
00:25 Portrait Shots
00:52 Magnification ratio
02:17 Teeth together (smile shot)
03:31 Teeth together (w/ retractors)
04:07 Teeth slightly apart
04:15 Upper anterior (w/ black contraster) – Money shot
05:05 Lower anterior
05:14 Lateral shot (+/- Buccal mirror)
07:08 Lower lingual shot (w/ lingual mirror)
07:38 Upper palatal shot (w/ lingual mirror)
07:49 Occlusal shots (w/ lip retractor)
09:42 Posterior Quadrant photos (w/ Retractor and buccal mirror)
10:22 Outro

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If there is enough request for it.. I’ll go through some more advanced imaging techniques in a future video!

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