Posts and Cores with Dr Dij | Case & Discussion

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Table of Contents

Posts and cores are usually the last treatment option for teeth before they come out so they need to be done well. Dr. Dij talks to us all about how and when to use posts and the different types that we could utilize.

⏲ Timestamps:
00:00 Intro
00:25 Aims of Restoring Root Treated Teeth (RTT)
00:50 How to evaluate RTT
01:17 Endo Evaluation
01:45 Perio Evaluation
02:16 Biomechanical Evaluation
02:32 Aesthetic Evaluation
02:47 The GOLDEN rule
03:04 Success and Ferrule?
04:03 Crown to Root Ratio
04:38 Other Considerations
05:14 Aesthetic Considerations
05:43 Classification for RTT
06:30 Tx options for Anterior teeth
08:08 Tx options for Posterior teeth
08:49 What does the Perfect Post look like?
09:47 Tapered vs Parallel posts?
12:16 Perforation Prevention Protocol
14:00 A CASE to go through!
19:21 Key Points
19:50 Learning more / Outro

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