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Hi everyone, featuring on our channel is Dr. Shivam Divani, a dentist at Love Teeth Dental.

In this video, we take you through everything you need to know about brushing your teeth and using interdental aids.

⏲ Timestamps:
00:00 Intro
00:18 Why Do We Brush Our Teeth?
00:48 How Do You Use A Manual Toothbrush Properly?
02:30 How Do You Use An Electric Oscillating Toothbrush Properly?
04:00 Which Is Better A Manual Or Electric Toothbrush?
04:39 What Shouldn’t You Do When Brushing Your Teeth?
05:21 How Can You Detect The Areas Being Missed By Your Toothbrush
06:18 Do I Need To Regularly Floss All My Teeth?
06:44 What Are Interdental Brushes And Why Do You Need Them?
07:34 What To Expect Before You Start To Use Dental Floss And Interdental Brushes?
08:53 How Do You Use Dental Floss?
09:56 How Do You Use Interdental Brushes?
10:36 How Do You Clean Under A Dental Bridge?
11:30 How Do You Clean And Look After Your Dentures?
12:36 Outro

📽 Videos being released:

1. Oral Hygiene ✅
2. Tooth Decay
3. Gum Disease
4. Diet and Teeth
5. Children’s Teeth
6. Tooth wear

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