How to Look After Your Children’s Teeth – My Dental Care App with Dr. Divani

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Hi everyone, featuring on our channel is Dr. Shivam Divani, a dentist at Love Teeth Dental.

In this video, we take you through everything you need to know about how to look after your Children’s Teeth.

⏲ Timestamps:
00:00 Intro
00:29 Preventing disease in children aged 0-6
01:00 When Should You Start To Brush Your Child’s Teeth?
01:33 How Should You Brush Your Child’s Teeth?
02:37 How Much Toothpaste Should My Child Be Using?
03:14 Should You Rinse Your Child’s Mouth With Water After Brushing? 03:34 When Should My Child’s Teeth Start To Appear?
04:03 When Should Your Child Start To Visit The Dentist?
04:58 Why Does My Child Need A Filling?
06:07 Why Are Baby Teeth Important?
06:40 What Is The Prevention Advice For Children From Ages 7 To 12 Years?
07:13 Why Does My Child Need To Be Referred To A Hospital For The Removal Of Their Baby Teeth?
07:59 Why Is Thumb Sucking Bad After The Age Of 6?
08:40 Why Does My Child’s First Adult Molar Teeth Need A Fissure Sealant? 09:21 What is the Diet Advice for young children?
10:28 Outro

📽 Videos being released:
1. Oral Hygiene Guide ✅
2. Gum Disease ✅
3. Tooth Decay ✅
4. Diet and Teeth ✅
5. Children’s Teeth ✅
6. Tooth wear

You can access all of these videos by downloading the My Dental care App using the links below.

You can access all of these videos by downloading the My Dental care App using the links below.

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